The “Employees’ Children Day” took place for second year in a row in ISOMAT on Wednesday the 18th of June 2008. On the occasion of the schools’ closing for the summer holidays, the children of the company’s employees, aged from four to eighteen years, visited ISOMAT’s premises for educational and recreational purposes.

The program started with a visit to the Museum of Balkan Wars that lies in the community of Bridge in Thessaloniki. The children were guided around the exhibits of the museum and were informed about the historical events of that period (1912-1913).

Afterwards the children returned to the company’s premises, where they attended a presentation with the subject “ISOMAT and Environment” about the actions taken by the company for the protection of the environment, aiming at the sensitization of the children for environmental matters.

In the end of the day the youngest fellows drew their impressions from the whole program in the paper with great imagination and lots of colors. Before leaving all children were given balloons and small flowerpots with plants.